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O Dever De Deslumbrar

The Duty To Dazzle

A Play on the work and life of Natália Correia. Written by Filipa Martins through gathering and collecting thousands of poems, articles, interviews, photographs in an in-depth research to write the biography of the most relevant Portuguese female thinker of the 20th Century - Natália Correia. 

O Dever de Deslumbrar - The Duty To Dazzle -  became a multiple means of expression directed by Ana Rocha de Sousa through Natália's brave and courageous vision of  the female social and political position in a country haunted by the lack of freedom during a dangerous fascist oppressive regime. 

Ana's work combined art in its multiple forms. From poetry to dance, from cinema to stage, from acting to live music...

The Duty To Dazzle sold out every day, at first opening as part of the program in LEFFEST 2023 to later on start its own career across theatres. 

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Paula Mora

Teresa Tavares


Ana Jezabel

Written by: Filipa Martins and  collected work of Natália Correia
Directed by: Ana Rocha de Sousa

Portuguese Sign Language by: Hands Voice
Music and Sound: Surma
Light and Image: Aurélio Vasques
Technical Operator: Maria Saúde Production Design: Daniela Cardante
Production: Teatro do Vão

Producer: Mónica Talina
Assistent Producer: Lara R. Santos
Coproduction: LEFFEST
Press: Showbuzz
Residency support: Centro Cultural da Malaposta/Minutos Redondos/Câmara 
Municipal de Odivelas

Production funded by Fundo Cultural da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, 
Fundação GDA and República Portuguesa - Cultura I DGARTES – Direção-Geral 
das Artes

Special Thanks to:

Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional de Ponta Delgada, 
Direção Regional dos Assuntos Culturais / Museu Carlos Machado, Fátima 
Sousa, Filipe Vargas, João Sá Nogueira, Marco D’Almeida e Miguel Damião


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Captura de ecrã 2023-11-12, às 18.08.52.png
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