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LISTEN is Ana's debut feature fiction film which premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival. The film started its journey by being awarded in Venice and later on premiered around the globe.  

Venice Awards include:

. Lion of the Future for best Debut Feature

. Lion Special Juri Prize

. Sorriso Diverso Venice Award for social impact

. Casa Wabi Award

. Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award

. Arca Cinema Giovanni Award 

. Bisato D'Oro - Critic's Independent Award for Best Film

A co-production between Portugal - Bando À Parte - and UK - Pinball London. 

International Sales: Magnolia Pictures International

Director: Ana Rocha de Sousa

Producers: Rodrigo Areias

                     Paula Vaccaro

                     Aaron Brookner

Original Screenplay: Ana Rocha de Sousa

Writers: Ana Rocha de Sousa


               Paula Vaccaro

               Aaron Brookner 

With: Lúcia Moniz, Ruben Garcia, Maisie Sly, James Felner

           Sophia Myles, Brian Bovel, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Kem Croft, Ângela Pinto

Financial Support: ICA and RTP

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